The philosophy behind our Sensitive Range is simple. All skin, whether old or young, male or female, regardless of race or culture, reacts to internal or external factors. Skin complaints such as acne, eczema, excess oil or rough patches are mostly caused by hormonal changes, stress, an imbalance of the gut biome or external factors such as changes in climate, pollution or irritants such as synthetic fragrances or surfactants. Our skin is our largest organ and it often communicates to us where we need to focus our attention on certain areas to obtain better health. These skin reactions are the means of communication, even though it is often uncomfortable. The less healthy or balanced one’s skin is, the more it will react.

A healthy and balanced skin is less prone to react to internal or external factors. The Sensitive Range was designed to do just this – calm the skin and provide it with enough natural support to reduce reactions. 

Sensitive skincare is thus skincare that treats your skin sensitively to reduce reactions. And healthy skin starts with what you wash it with. Traditional soap that lathers is designed to dissolve oils. Our skin needs oils to be healthy and produce its own oils. If the oils are stripped, it needs to produce additional oils, creating an imbalance. Our Sensitive Wash is formulated as an emulsion – that is water and oil mixed (like a lotion). We use apple amino acids to gently lift the dirt from the skin membrane and wash it away with water. The Flower Water is added after cleansing the skin and works by using four different distilled waters from fynbos species high in anti-microbial and cell regenerative properties. These act together to gently deep clean the pores and heal the skin, whilst adding purified moisture. By using the Sensitive Cream or Lotion afterwards, one seals in the moisture and one’s skin is gently prepared to heal and regenerate itself. 

Skincare means that one also has to do special maintenance of the skin now and again to keep it in a healthy condition. As the skin regenerates, it sheds dead skin cells as new cells form from the bottom layers. This dead skin layer needs to be removed for the skin to appear bright, but also to reduce blockage of the pores, leading to breakouts or small uneven bumps. The Scrub Dust has been formulated to mechanically and chemically remove dead skin cells by using rice powder, grapeseed powder, enzymes and lactic acid in combination. A further or standalone treatment is the application of the Clay Cream as a mask. The three clay formulation, in combination with nine Fynbos Essential oils, enter the deeper layers of the skin and powerfully clean, restore and provide healing. This treatment also targets skin texture, as the micro clay particles gently buff the skin and the essential oils tighten the pores. A final treatment to conclude the ritual is to apply the Alabaster Botanical Oil Serum. This incredible product can also be used as a standalone product to be applied as part of the daily or evening routine but is specifically aimed at balancing the production of sebum of the skin and cleansing the pores, providing a hydrating and tightening effect when applied. It greatly reduces inflammation, is an antioxidant, and is effective at helping to repair skin damage and scars. The various oils also stimulate skin cell growth, prompting regeneration and giving skin a plump and fresh appearance.



A typical reactive skincare routine would include using the Sensitive Wash to clean your face by placing a small amount in the palms of your hands and gently washing your face. Rinse with tepid or cold water and pat dry. An essential second step is spraying the Flower Water on the face to continue the cleansing process and closing the pores. One can then choose to either use the perfectly balanced Sensitive Lotion or the richer Sensitive Cream to moisturise. During the day, we suggest using a small amount of Clay Cream and mixing it with your moisturiser of choice for an effective mineral sunscreen.

When your skin starts to feel rough or starts to present some bumps or small pimples, you know that it’s time for a scrub. Mix a small amount of Scrub Dust with a pump of Sensitive Wash and gently exfoliate your skin in small circular motions. Do not press down on the skin and only continue for about 2-3 minutes. Wash with tepid water and repeat a Sensitive Wash to neutralise the enzymes and lactic acid. Follow with Flower Water and a small amount of Alabaster Serum. Sensitive Lotion or Cream completes the special skincare therapy! You can also alternate the scrub days (it’s usually every 2 weeks for me, but learn to read your own skin) by using the Clay Cream as a mask, leaving it on your skin for about 20 minutes and then washing it off with water and following up with a Sensitive Wash if needed. Complete using the Flower Water, Alabaster Oil Serum and chosen Moisturiser.

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